• EmperorSigma

    What’s poppin’ fanon editors, its young Sig aka Mr.StealYoEye aka YungDraco aka BlackUchiha here!

    I’m here today to simply announce the very first small but site-wide arc! A few days ago I posted a mission in the discord’s mission board with info about a group of misfits that have stolen an artifact pertaining to the Daimyō.

    What does "site-wide" mean? Site-wide implies that this RP is someone that virtually everyone is involved in, one way or the other, and has heavy implications for the general plotline we follow as a shared universe. Words from your favorite admin, Ashy himself.

    A group of misfits known as Mochinige, known for stealing tools and other objects from villages, have managed to infiltrate the location of the Daimyō and steal th…

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